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Fresh Food Prints

The Images

The images on Fresh Food Prints were all photographed by me, Christina Peters.  I'm a commercial food photographer and have been taking pictures since I was eight years old. I'm originally from Delaware and moved to Los Angeles to get my second degree in photography, fell in love with the weather and decided to stay.  My studio is in Marina Del Rey, California.  I've been photographing food for the last 15 years. 

I've been selling prints to friends and clients over the years and finally decided to create a website with some of my work. 

Some of the images here are actually portfolio images that I use to show potential clients to get new work. Others are images from a stock photography website I am also working on and hope to launch soon.  A few of the collections show my location work at some beautiful farms in California.

Many of the images in the Prepared Food collection were collaborations with food stylists and prop stylists.

I use several different cameras depending on either my mood or the shooting scenario.  Many images are shot with either a Canon 5D Mark ii or Mark iii.  Many were shot with either a large format Sinar P2 4x5 camera or a Fuji 680 camera with a digital adapter back on those cameras to hold a Phase One P45+ or P65+ digital back.

All these images are also available for royalty free stock usage.  Please see my Stock Photography page for more details.

For now, all image are sold unframed.  I will be doing blog posts about framing tips and tricks very soon so be sure the sign up for that - you can do that in the footer of the website.

Copyright of Images

All images on Fresh Food Prints are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.  The copyright for all these images is held by my corporation Merseyside Productions Inc.  The images on this website may not be used in any manor without permission.  You may share these images on social media platforms only if you give credit to Christina Peters at

If you would like to use these images for a review or article, please email me at to discuss.

Buying a print means you own the physical paper print, not the image or the copyright of the image.  You can use it for display purposes only.  Any other use needs to be approved by me first.  If you need to license this image for stock, great!  I can do that too.  Please email me with the details.

You may not reproduce any of my images on this site in any manor without my prior written consent.  You may not put them on any websites without my prior written consent.

The Prints

All prints are quickly made to order in California using archival materials.  The images are printed within two business days of receiving your order and shipped either Fedex ground or Fedex overnight, your choice.

These images are digitally projected onto traditional photographic silver halide paper.  The prints are commonly referred to as a "C-Print" or "chromogenic" print.  These prints are extremely stable, unlike some Giclee prints.  My prints meet museum archival standards and will last a minimum of 100 years when stored and displayed under proper archival conditions.  These are not Giclee prints (prints made with ink sprayed onto paper using inkjet printers).  

The print surface is called "Luster", not glossy, as glossy prints can stick to the glass when framed without a matte.

As with any piece of artwork, do not display your prints in any areas that get direct sunlight as this can damage your artwork.  Also, please use archival matte boards on your prints.  Non archival boards will burn your print and make it shift in color.

Please note that images are printed to have the least amount of possible cropping of the image.  This is called full frame printing.  As I use several different cameras for shooting, there can be different print sizes available.  For instance, some images are offered as an 8 x 10 inch print and others are offered at an 8 x 12 inch print.

All prints will have a 1/4" white border around the image.  This serves two purposes, prints are easier to handle and this gives room for an overlay matte so it doesn't have to crop the image.

As every monitor is different, your print might not look exactly like the way you see it on your monitor.  I work on color calibrated systems so that the prints match the images as close as possible on a calibrated system.

If you need a specific size, and don't see it listed, or want a different kind of print, please contact me and I'd be more than happy to accommodate you, if it's possible.  Please tell me the title of the image, and the size or type of print you are looking for.

Guess what?  My shipping terms are crazy! Any print ships for $6 ground service 3-5 business days to the US.  Any print ships for $15 for Fedex Overnight to the US.  These prices are for any size print and any quantity!  Please see the shipping page for more details.

If you need prints for TV or Film, please email or call me as I'd be happy to accommodate you.